Welcome to my Autodesk 3ds Max blog page. This page shows a variety of work produced within Autodesk 3ds Max. Hopefully more work examples will be added soon.

This Mustang car was created within Autodesk 3ds Max and was completed with the assistance of Digital Tutors. Following a step by step video tutorial I was able to create this realistic car model. This exercise allowed me to use all of the features that 3ds max has to offer, combining a mixture of modelling, splines, polygons and cutting techniques. I also used a variety of material effects in order to get the desired look for example car paint, glass, mirror and rubber. The final Rendering stages of the project was also explained giving valuable information and tips on producing high quality renders. Unfortunately the desktop could not handle the rendering specifications required thus the final png image is of poorer quality than I anticipated.
Cartoon Mad Scientist was created within Autodesk 3ds Max and was completed with the assistance of Digital Tutors. By applying the concept artwork to the viewport backgrounds the tutorial explained to me how to bring this art work to life. A variety of tools and techniques were used to manipulate splines in order to create a 3d head, neck and body. Extra tools were also looked into such as the extrude tool and the mirror tool so only one side of the scientist had to be created. Materials were then applied and a final render was used.
The talented ball animation is another tutorial and is the only animation I have done to date. This was a interesting tutorial which explained in detail how to animate a static scene. I developed the scene from using various tools within 3ds max. I then applied the materials and added a light source to illuminate the stage. Then I followed a step by step guide on how to animated using the timeline, key and auto frames and the stretch and squash effect.
This is a my first 3ds Max project. I used two different tutorials on how to model perfume bottles. Once each one object was modelled I then looked up on how to create a glass material. Once I learnt this I then applied different glass colours to each perfume bottle to gain some practice with colour glass and to make the scene more interesting and realistic. I then used images within the material and mapped them to the model this was done so that the perfume bottles had a logo. I then modelled a frosted glass shelf with tiling wall and rendered the image.