Welcome to my Photoshop CS5 blog page. Following various tutorials and using a variety of complex tools and techniques I have been able to develop my skills within Photoshop.

The Waterfall Lake manipulation is created from using a variety of raw images and manipulating them to form one scene. In order to create this scene I followed an online tutorial. The tutorial taught me essential tips and techniques within how to merge a variety of images together. This tutorial was interesting because it allowed me to use the level layers and their properties. This is because different layers had a variety of tones, levels and contrast therefore in order to create a image that looked like a realistic scene each level was manipulated and the light, brightness, contract and levels were adjusted until the image was realistic. Great brushes were also used in order to create the waterfall effect
This effect was the most challenging tutorial for me to date. It combined a variety of techniques I have learnt and a lot of patience. I was able to put the skills from previous text tutorials and photo manipulation tutorials and combine them together. First I added the text to the page and wrapped a grass image to the text to give the text a grass look. I then added paint splatters into the image and used levels and adjustment setting in order to bring their colouring and contrast to match the image settings. I then added a variety of images to give it more of a spring feel such as the birds and flowers. I then added a gradient background to give the image a final touch.
The Spooky Girl manipulation scene was an interesting tutorial. It provided guidance and tips on how to add a variety of raw images and manipulate them to form one scene. This tutorial allowed me to use the level layers and their properties to create a variety of tones, levels and contrast therefore in order to create an image that looked like a realistic scene each level was manipulated and the light, brightness, contract and levels were adjusted until the image was realistic. The levels effcts used here a different from the effects used within the waterfall material it used a more dark and orange colouring which gave a wider preespective on levels.
Creating rainbow effects with sparkling brush technique within Photoshop to create a attractive and unique desktop wallpaper was an interesting project to create. This creation enabled me to develop the skills within Photoshop's basic effects such as the gradient tool and wind technique. The gradient tool was used with a wind manipulation applied on top to create the downwards rain fall, once I had the desired look I added a standard gradient so complete the core background. Then I created a brush using square parameters and applied a style using space and scatter effect to create the scattered brush effect you see above.
Using colour and black and white together is something I have always been interested in. I found an online tutorial with easy step by step actions. As this was an easy tutorial to do I used an image from the internet and followed the tutorial steps and applied them to this particular image. Using mask within layers and extracting colours was a simple effect to achieve. I like the look of this effect and will now be able to use this in a variety of projects with any images where I can expressively highlight specific areas on an image.
Continuing on with the interest in learning how text can be modified and graphically enhanced within Photoshop I decided to take it further than adding effects. I wanted to manipulate another image to make the text have a texture and character to it. I found this Grunge effect tutorial online which is what I was looking for. Here I used a normal text and applied a gradient background then following the tutorial learnt how to manipulate images using masks to create a blood dripping effect, from here I then applied this to the text so that I merged together to look like the blood drips were apart of the text.
This was based on the guidance given to me from a online tutorial a part from I took the steps and applied it to my own text. This is a tutorial I was excited to learn as I wanted to know how text can be graphical enhanced through the effects within Photoshop. Using a combination of techniques and effects I created a wind type effect to the word "Liverpool" and then added a glowing effect with the use of an effective background to give it more of an interesting effect. I found this tutorial simple to do once I understood the wind tool within Photoshop now I will be able to use this feature to my advantage and add it into future work.
The advanced glow was the first Photoshop CS5 artwork that I created by following an online tutorial. For my first look at using Photoshop I found this tutorial challenging as the tutorial itself was limited with its guidance therefore with this particular project I had to investigate and test with a lot of the functions Photoshop has to offer until the outcome looked similar to that of the tutorial. This was a very productive exercise with regards to the knowledge gained within Photoshop and I am very pleased with the outcome.